Frequently Asked Questions

Atheleum is a virtual cryptocurrency that uses cryptography to secure transactions that are digitally recorded on a distributed ledger called blockchain.

21 billions.

No. The supply will remain same.

Atheleum token will grow by leaps & bounds as Atheleum project has many innovative products in the pipeline.

One can contact Atheleum by e-mail or one can even buy Atheleum token directly from https://www.pancake.finance

Please refer to the tokenomics section of the website.

One should keep the below given points in mind while investing in cryptocurrency?

A. Understand what you are investing in as you would for any investment.

B. Remember that past is past (if you have bad experience of investing in a proper cryptocurrency project).

C. Watch that volatility is an intrinsic part of any investment.

D. Manage your risk sensibly.

E. Don't invest more than you can afford to lose

The decentralised nature of currencies like Bitcoin makes them attractive to many investors as these digital assets offer more freedom from government regulations and greater security. Cryptocurrencies will likely continue gaining popularity as more investors start recognising their potential.

This question has same connotations like the question; can earth be doomed? Cryptocurrencies are born out of immutable, secure & unchangeable smart contracts. Once they gain value, their value can go up & down just like any other asset i.e. shares, bullions, bonds, FDs, currencies etc.

Cryptocurrencies are not controlled by any entity. Their main characteristic is their decentralised nature.

Most of the advanced economies have already formulated legal frameworks for cryptocurrencies. United State's Security Exchange Commission (SEC) regulates cryptocurrencies in USA. Most of the technological experts, forward thinking individuals, intellectual, economists see cryptocurrencies as the future of money market transactions.

Cryptocurrencies are held in digital wallets. Some of the famous digital wallets are metamask, trust etc.

Most of the cryptocurrencies have limited supply as compared to the unlimited supply of fiat (dollar/euro/rupees etc.) currencies. Due to their limited & fixed supply they are bound to increase in value.

Fundamentally, a seller sells their currency to gain cash & a buyer buys expecting to hold the currency until its value increases in dollar/rupee terms. People having faith in cryptocurrencies subscribe to a HODL mindset meaning "hold on for dear life" to the roller coaster they expect to ride. They buy & don't intend to sell anytime soon.

Others choose the day trading route - buy a cryptocurrency target a profit percentage & sell as soon as the target is reached.